[BS/RBS list] Moving sale

Ari and Andie C.E. Pfeffer tikvahzion at mac.com
Sat May 26 17:29:00 EDT 2018

Moving sale
Private message for pics 
Call for a viewing 

 2 closets 600 each 
Large sliding door closet w mirror in middle 1000 nis 
Glass Display cabinet 300 nis 
Trundle bed w American twin mattress 500 nis 
2 refrigerators
1300 nis for larger one 
900 nis for smaller one 
Standing oven 500 nis 
Stove top 200 nis 
Brand new outdoor jacuzzi 1500 (less then half of purchase price and under warranty at big sport) 
Brand new large trampoline 
1500 nis  bought 3 months ago for 2700 
Electric bed under warranty 
2000 nis 

5 bedroom apt for rent 
Penthouse in Gimmel 5500 nis 
Across from new park and merkaz 
Amazing neughbors and views 

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