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Unfortunately, it has been confirmed by the IDF that this soldier has
passed away.


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> >       I apologize because used the words “mortally wounded” instead of
> “critically wounded” in reference to Ronen ben Lana.  Further, someone sent
> me information that his mother’s name is “Ilana”—I can’t confirm that. That
> would make sense if she is referred to as “Lana,” short for Ilana.  He is
> still in critical, critical condition fighting for his life. He is on a
> respirator in a medically induced coma.  Please when you light candles keep
> him in mind.   שבת היא מלזעוק ורפואה קרובה לבוא   Shabbos Hi Miliz’ok,
> Urefuah Krovah  Lavo!
> Ronen ben Lenna (Correction, not verified: Ronen ben Ilana or Alana or
> Lana)    24-May  30-Jun  (Israel) an Israeli soldier from the Duvdevan unit
> was mortally critically wounded with an Arab terrorist threw a concrete
> slabor a slab of granite off a third floor roof onto his head, crushing his
> helmet and causing severe brain damage.  Doctors at Hadassah Ein Kerem are
> fighting for his life. He is on a respirator in a medically induced coma.
>   When you light candles on 25-May 2018 please keep him in your prayers.
> Please daven and say tehillim for his recovery.  There's a tehilim yachad
> read open for him at:  http://tehilimyahad.com/mr.jsp?r=85lMCjiUvuC
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