[BS/RBS list] Special Kinnus Torah - Torah Gathering in English TONIGHT

Susan Barth simchagemach at gmail.com
Thu May 24 06:56:03 EDT 2018

Great news - the first Kinnus Torah - Torah Gathering in English in Ramat
Bet Shemesh in the days following Matan Torah.

The program is for men and ladies

It will take place at Heichal Menachem - Chabad on Dolev, Dolev 10

at 8.15pm this Thursday May 24th, Ohr le yud aleph Sivan .

There will be three guest speakers sharing insights and illumination in
conjunction with Matan Torah

Rabbi Avishai David at 8.15pm,

Rabbi Yohonason Alpren at 8.45pm and

Rabbi Eliezer Viner at 9.15pm.

The program will terminate at 9.45pm prompt

followed by Ma'ariv.

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