[BS/RBS list] Fwd: Parent Meeting for Tnuat Noar Ezra פגישה להורים תנועת נוער עזרא

Abby Weisz abbyweisz at gmail.com
Tue May 22 02:44:36 EDT 2018

We know it is a busy night- Please make every effort to be there, even for
ten minutes. Your support means alot to us!

English Below

נערוך פגישה כדי להכיר התנועה והשפעתו על ילדינו יום שלישי אור לט' סיון
22.5.18 בשעה 19:45 בבית כנסת משכן שילה. מצפים לראותכם!

We are having a meeting for the parents of the community to meet and
understand the people and mission of the Ezra youth movement. It is very
important for all parents in the community to attend. The meeting will be
short and sweet- tonight, Tuesday May 22; 7:45- 8:30pm in Beit Knesset
Mishkan Shiloh.

Come and meet the current amazing staff led by Ayelet Paltiel and Elyashiv
Ratazier as well as the Rakezet of Ezra Harama for next year: Devorah Koren!
Thank you to Mishkan Shiloh for hosting this important event!

We hope to see you there,
Vaad Horim and Tzevet of Ezra HaRama

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