[BS/RBS list] NY AUTHENTIC DELI - Free Ad Sunday

The Eisenbergs debiisac at gmail.com
Mon May 21 11:38:25 EDT 2018

Beef Pastrami, Corned Beef, Pickled Tongue 
Moist Turkey Breast-Roast or Smoked 
Packed in Vacuum sealed, microwavable, boilable bags
Beef Jerkey Flavors - BBQ, Teriyaki -  Snack Packs

Corned beef, tongue, pastrami, & Beef Jerky are Mehadrin Rav Levine of Argentina Hechsher.  
Turkey,  Mehadrin Kehillos 

Our Famous Cholent oozing with meat, potatoes and chunks of kishke, made to order for your Simcha or home. 

FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE!  For orders over 100 Nis

Call  for more info 0522-55-99-39  or 058-599-2912
or email orders  - 59westdeli at gmail.com [mailto:59westdeli at gmail.com]

Small Local business

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