[BS/RBS list] More about Bet Shemesh Blood Drive next Sunday l'illui nishmat Avi Weisblatt Z"L

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Mon May 21 05:21:51 EDT 2018

 התרמת דם ביום ראשון הבא בבית כנסת פייגבסון. נופי אביב, בערב  5:30-10:30
לעילוי אבי וויסבלט ז"ל
Best time to come?
It is generally the quietest during the first hour or so, but it becomes
more interesting from 8pm onwards. A mechitza is available on request.

Besides giving a 'pinta', one has the opportunity to learn about organ
The first 10 to sign an Adi card will receive a token gift!

Kidney donors are welcome to continue giving blood after at least 3 months,
and on advice from your doctor.

For more info check out these links:
Matnat Chaim <https://kilya.org.il/en/>  https://kilya.org.il/



Subject: [BS/RBS list] 1 week to donate blood at the Blood Drive
    l'illui nishmat Avi Weisblatt Z"L

On Sunday next week, please make every effort to come and donate a pint of
life-saving blood.
Please forward this post to other email lists.
Here are the details:

DATE:  Sunday, May 27, 2018  (13 Sivan 5778)

TIMES: 17:30 to 22:30

PLACE: Beit Knesset Feigenson, Nofei Aviv (downstairs in the Ulam Smachot)

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