[BS/RBS list] unsolicited recommendation for Royal Flush

Rafi and Shifra Goldmeier goldmeier.family at gmail.com
Sun May 20 15:00:13 EDT 2018

This weekend was the royal wedding but I recommend Royal Flush more than 
Royal Wedding!

of course crises have to come right before a holiday. Thursday afternoon 
we discovered we needed to replace a small dood located in a difficult 
spot in the machsan.

Josh Strahl of Royal Flush to the rescue. Josh was able to locate a new 
dood the same small,  unusual, size and get it to us and install it 
Thursday evening in time for the holiday shower rush.

In addition Josh stayed longer and solved some strange water pressure 
issues we were having.

Josh always does a great job and is meticulous to get the work done right!

kol tuv

Rafi Goldmeier

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