[BS/RBS list] Tip for removing glue labels before toiveling and dunking items

Adina & Charles Rosenstein cr1818 at netvision.net.il
Fri May 18 07:33:17 EDT 2018

Hi, All,

At the keilim mikva on Dolev, I was requested to post my tip. Supposedly, according to this person,  most people don’t know the tip.

The best way to remove those labels that are glued on very securely to all types of items that must be toiveled, is to use 

Acetone (nail polish remover) on one of those nylon scrubbies, either from the bath or from the kitchen. If you need a lot of acetone, then you can usually get a one liter

Bottle of the acetone in makeup stores for between 20 and 25 shekel.


I usually bring a big lingerie netted laundry bag with a zipper, in order  to lower the item into the water  because the keilim mikva, on Dolev across from Best, is always notoriously low. And you have to stand on a chair

In order to be able to reach down and dunk your item. So, a netted zippered laundry bag just makes things easier.

Happy to share.


Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach,

Adina Rosenstein

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