[BS/RBS list] Tikkun leil shavuot with Rabbi Chaim Eisen

Michael Olsberg molsberg at gmail.com
Thu May 17 02:02:29 EDT 2018

 Rabbi Chaim Eisen,an expert in Jewish philosophy (see biography below),
will, IY"H be speaking on the following topic at the following places and
times (same topic in each place)

*Shavuot’s Message: Torah, Yetzer HaRa, and Self-Actualization*

Menorat Hamaor - in the caravan at plaza level above the shul (6 Nachal
Maor): 12am to 1pm

Beis Tefilla (34a Nachal Refaim): 1:30am to 2:30am

Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun (KSY) (12 Nachal Dolev): 3am to 4pm

*R. Chaim Eisen is the founder and dean of Yeshivath Sharashim, a Web-based
educational venture to engage users worldwide in a deepening understanding
of Jewish sources. He is also a senior rabbinical lecturer in adult
education at the Orthodox Union Jerusalem World Center, where he has taught
for 34 years. For over 20 years, he also taught at various seminaries in
Israel. In addition, he served as a Torah lecturer in the Israel Defense
Forces Rabbinate Torah Lecture Corps (reserves), for over 16 years, and
continues to lecture there as a volunteer. Besides teaching, he was
founding editor of the OU journal Jewish Thought: A Journal of Torah
Scholarship and has written and edited numerous essays in this field*.

Posted by Yisroel Olsberg (RBS resident)

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