[BS/RBS list] would love to send cookies to my chayal heading to Tsfat for Shavout

Greiff greiff at bezeqint.net
Wed May 16 13:29:12 EDT 2018

My son is stationed in the South, and is heading up to Tsfat to go back to
his hesder yeshiva for yom tov. He won't have a chance to stop home before
heading North. Haven't seen him in a couple of weeks, and he won't be home
for another couple of weeks.


If someone is headed to Tsfat and wouldn't mind taking some homemade cookies
to my son (I'll throw some in for the courier!!) I would so appreciate it.
Happy to drop them off anywhere in B.S. or RBS. 




Jolie Greiff, one soldier's mother

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