[BS/RBS list] MDA summer youth volunteer course 2018 קורס מד"א לנוער קיץ

Robert Harow mdabetshemesh at gmail.com
Tue May 15 06:29:26 EDT 2018

The English will follow:

 לכל מי מעוניין לרשום לקורס נוער מד"א ביש שמש קיץ 2018.
הקורסים אי"ה יהיו ב1.7 ליולי עד 14.7 8:00-17:00. ובשבועיים האחרונים של
הקורס מיועד רק לחניכים שעולים לכיתה י'
המקומות מוגבלים ביותר.
ראיונות בעוד כשבועיים
למי שמוניין נא לענות ללינק המצורף

If your child is;

1. interested in taking a Magen David Adom Basic EMT course (Mageshei ezra
rishona)  training program (mixed male/female/religious/non religious)
2. entering *10th grade*
3. speaks, understands and writes Hebrew fluently
4. has time and willingness to volunteer 3-4 hours p/week in the
afternoons/evenings (3-10PM time frame)
5. able to handle mature situations
6. Can work with a team
7. can work under pressure
8. does not get car sick (or van sick)
9. does not faint at the sight of blood and/or other bodily fluids
10.does not have a problem working with both teenage boys and
girls interacting (responsibly) in a mixed environment
11.does not have any physical handicap that keep them from being able to
lift heavy weights for short periods of time (ie people in wheelchairs)

and probably a few other things....  please respond to this email by
following the link and filling out all requested information


If you have additional questions you can respond to this email with the
heading of

"MDA Volunteer Ambulance Youth summer course 2018"

Tentative course dates are July 1st-july 14th,  and the final two weeks of
August.   Hours 8:00-17:00 daily (shorter on Friday)

Interviews will be held in the coming weeks - we will notify those who
respond to the link.

Interviews will be at the MDA ambulance station corner of hertzl and hanasi.

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