[BS/RBS list] Chesed and CHEESECAKE?

Elie & Lisa Silverberg elly1 at 012.net.il
Mon May 14 01:52:11 EDT 2018

Dear friends,

As we fill our shopping carts with delicious and special ingredients in honor of Shabbat and Shavuot, please remember to give generously to those in need.  Sitting down to eat your cheesecake will taste so much better with the knowledge you have given a helping hand to a BS resident in need this Chag.   We all treat ourselves to special foods for Shabbat and Chagim. Let us 'treat' our neighbors with the ability to pay their bills.

As Shavuot approaches, The Givat Sharett Chesed Committee appeals to you for funds for those in need.

If you would like to contribute, please contact me.

                         Tizku l'mitzvot!

May it be BE''H a wonderful Chag for all residents of our city.

Lisa Silverberg


The Givat Sharett Chesed Committee

Celebrating 25 Years of Service to the Beit Shemesh Community


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