[BS/RBS list] Tai-Chi + Kung-Fu + Boxing for Parkinson's

Avraham Hirsch meridian.israel at gmail.com
Sun May 13 15:04:21 EDT 2018

 Challenge yourself, have fun, be healthy!

Personal Training or Group classes for the following:

1. BOXING FOR PARKINSON - Personal Training only.
A special training program customized to help specifically with Parkinson's
symptoms. No actual fighting involved. Run by certified Rock Steady Boxing
Coach. See how Boxing can help you by visiting: https://www.youtube.

2. KUNG-FU - Boys 9-13, Personal Training only.
Helps focus, body control, self-confidence, stamina and overcoming fears,
especially good for hyper-active kids.

3. KUNG-FU - Men 14-120, Groups as well as Personal Training.
Gain confidence, self-control and sharp senses through non-acrobatic and
street wise style of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Shaolin/Wushu forms are also
combined to develop body strength, speed and agility. Weaponry include
Staff, Swords, Knives, Guns and Brain. Suitable for Teenagers and
adults. Motsash
at 21:30 - 22:30

4. TAI-CHI / QIGONG - Men 14-120, Groups as well as Personal Training.
This class integrates Tai-Chi and Qigong - Exercises known to promote good
physical and mental health, with focus on improving balance, range of
movement, flexibility as well as muscle and joint strength. WARNING,
practicing Tai-Chi / Qigong will most likely revitalize you, strengthen
your immune system and make many of your aches and pains, fatigue and
stress disappear - be sure this is what you want! Wednesdays at 20:00 -

Go to the following link to see times, locations and price of classes:

http://www.meridians.co.il/ <http://www.meridians.co.il/calendar.html>cal

Classes can be joined at anytime.

Learning can be in done privately in short modules in the mornings,
afternoons or evenings or on a continuous basis as per traditional mode of

Progress according to your own pace

Suitable for all ages and most levels of fitness.

For more information contact Avi 054-547-1234. Please do not leave voice
messages - SMS, Whatsapp or email is the best way of getting a quick

 Labriut !

Avi Hirsch is a 3rd Dan Wushu/TaiChi, black belt Ving Tsun Kung Fu
Instructor, Wingate qualified Qigong Instructor and successfully teaching
since 1999.

Avi Hirsch was recently trained and certified as a Rock Steady Boxing Coach
in Indianapolis, a method using boxing exercise to fight back Parkinson.

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