[BS/RBS list] Fw: Organizing Artisans to market their handcrafts

Humphries Micheal humphries at chwealth.net
Sun May 13 11:29:08 EDT 2018

Carriage House is organizing a group of artisans for the purpose ofmarketing their handcrafts.

 If the description below is appropriate for you, please contact us byreply mail or by phone.  The organization is based on the premise that both producing thehandcrafts and marketing themis at least a two person task, and not  tasks  that an artisancan perform successfully alone. ·        We seek to organize a group of up to 10artisans·        We are looking for a mix of handcraftsand materials·        The group will work out the exactdetails of their organization·        The goal is to market the handcrafts ofthe artisans in an organized manner 
and to provide the artisans with an income from their work.·        While a parallel goal is to freeartisans to concentrate on their art, some participation
in marketing/selling efforts will be expected.   We look forward to hearing from you, Micheal Humphries   Small Business  Carriage House Wealth Management קריאג' ניהול נכסים
7 HaMalacha רחוב המלאכה 7
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Beit Shemesh בית שמש 
Tel: 054 5316157 054 טל' 5316157
Office Hours: 08:00 to 17:00 שעות המשרד: 08:00 עד 17:00
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