[BS/RBS list] The simcha ninjas! Shavuot special!

Aharon Sopher ahsopher at gmail.com
Sun May 13 08:13:19 EDT 2018

Having a SIMCHA? Want to have your friends and family impressed and relaxed
without breaking the bank or your back? Let us help you!

Regardless what the event is -

the Simcha Ninjas can handle it all!

Haven't decided where to have the event? That's okay! We can work anywhere!

Personable, hard-working, competent male and female waiters and event

Whether you need to start planning from scratch or just -



Serving or


the Simcha Ninjas can handle it all!

Find us on Facebook! -https://www.facebook.com/thesimchaninjas/

Call Aharon at 0524685067 <052-468-5067>, and/or Sara at 0549491242

OR email the Ninjas at - Simchaninjas at gmail.c <Simchaninjas at gmail.com>om

Small local business

The simcha ninjas  - For all your party's needs!

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