[BS/RBS list] NEW Rentals Available! garden apts, duplexes and NEW Cottages!

Sharon Shahrabani rentbetshemesh at 013.net
Sat May 12 18:31:39 EDT 2018

NEW Rentals Available! garden apts, duplexes and NEW Cottages!


3 rooms on REvivim 3700 nis large porch available now

NEW! 4 rooms on Ayalon avaiallbe June 4500 nis

NEW! 4 rooms on Timna availalbe August 4300 nis

NEW! 4 rooms on Mishkafaim large porch 4000 nis

NEW! 4 rooms + garden on Besor available for a few months at a time!
4500-5000 nis - right near Dolev!

NEW! 5 rooms on Lachish huge garden lovely apt! availalbe July 5500 nis

NEW! 5 room duplex on AYalon larege SAlon and beautiful kitchen 5700 nios
(neg) availalbe August

NEW! 7 room duplex on Ein Gedi, 2nd floor 170 sqm avail july/august 7000 nis

NEW ! 3-4 BRAND NEW cottages on MEM3 4 floors 256 sqm 7 bedrooms attics and
basements, garden, view, private entrance and covered parking spots. Prices
range 8000-9000 nis



Rentals in Gimmel:


Yona ben amitai huge porch 3 bedrooms 4000 nis avail July

Neria gound fl no stairs 4 rooms 4000 nis

Chagai 4 room 1st fl 4300 nis

Villa on Ezra 200 sqm 7000 nis goegeous

Villa on Yoel 3000 sqm 10500 nis


Rentals on Sheinfeld

NEW! 5 room duplex on Gad, 2nd fl Avail in a few weeks (option for
June/July) 4800 nis

NEW! 5 room apt on REuvain 4900 nis 3rd fl elevator, upgraded and spacious


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