[BS/RBS list] New York Cheesecake and more.....

אריאל פיש arielfish8 at gmail.com
Sat May 12 16:25:27 EDT 2018

 Shavuos is coming.... Cheesecake, as in New York Cheesecake. Quiche.
Lasanga. Stuffed mushrooms full of ricotta. And more!!! Please place your
orders by Monday at noon.
Planning a party? We do it all from start to finish. Everything is high
quality American style food and American style service. Full service or
drop off. We will be happy to accomodate your needs.
Prepared food for shabbos by order according to your specifications.
Prepared food any time you need. Shabbos orders should be placed by
Thursday noon. Orders for other times with 24 hrs notice.
We are under the hashgacha of R Dovid Lewin. All ingredients from the
highest level mehadrin hechsherim.
arielfish8 at gmail.com
050 875 8425

Small RBS Business


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