[BS/RBS list] Portable Air Conditioner Information

Sheina sheina03 at gmail.com
Wed May 9 06:53:06 EDT 2018

I asked for information about Portable Air Conditioners and someone asked
me to forward it to them - and I can't seem to find who, so I'm posting

Several people were very helpful plus we did quite a bit of research. It
seems that:
1. The best of them have a tube out the window, and most units come with
something to put in a sliding window so they don't need installing.
2. They really can be moved from room to room as needed and generally have
caster feet.
3. The biggest variable seems to be how many horsepower they put out/use.
4. They all make some sort of noise, some more than others.

The most helpful response was from Devorah:


I have a Tornado portable a/c, which I bought at LIOR in the old BIG strip
mall last year. Some people say it's noisy but I don't care about that!

It can cool a small room adequately, although a bigger room may be an issue.
If you sit next to it and have it blow on you it is wonderful.

It is on wheels (quite easy to roll from room to room) and has an accordian
tube that you put out of the window.

Last year it was 1,000 nis (and you can make payments on an Israeli credit
card), plus 100 nis for delivery.

It comes with a remote that has a timer. On shabbat, you can set it to turn
off, then on again.

You can see some Youtube video reviews of it here:





Thank you to all who responded.

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