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Tue May 8 04:54:47 EDT 2018

The 5th edition of The Wedding Guide – a 64 page handbook on everything you
need to know about making a wedding in Israel is on sale now.

Hot off the press, just published!

The Wedding Guide includes:

  Hundreds of tips about how to organize and plan a most memorable wedding

Listings of *Only* Recommended Vendors including:

·         caterers

·         bands,

·         photographers and videographers,

·         printers,

·         wedding gowns and clothing for the bridal party,

·         hair stylists, makeup artists and more,

In addition, The Guide provides Step by Step guidance on items needed for:
the Shabbat Chatan/Aufruf and/or Sheva Brachot; the new household; the
Order of the Chuppah; etc.

*An added bonus are personalized letters to the Chatan and Kallah on the
topics of pre marriage education and pre nuptial halachic agreements
(Heskem HaDadi), as well as a listing of recommended wedding related books*.

The Wedding Guide is considered essential for anyone making a wedding
anywhere in Israel.

*Inquire about our exquisite laminated Sheva Brachot cards and tefillot for
the chatan, kallah, mothers of the chatan/kallah, and for the guests during
the time of the chupa ceremony, and more.*

All items are at Gemach prices!  Proceeds go towards assisting the needy of
Beit Shemesh.

For more information and to order please contact Susan Barth, project
coordinator, at simchagemach at gmail.com

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