[BS/RBS list] Tomchei Shabbat Needs Your Help Before Shavuot!

tomchei shabbat tomcheishabbatbs at gmail.com
Sun May 6 23:06:26 EDT 2018

 Over this past Pesach holiday numerous families where able to celebrate
dignity due to the wonderful help of the Bet Shemesh Community.

Tomchei Shabbat must turn to you again to help insure that many needy
families in Bet Shemesh have a proper Shavut holiday.    These families have
turned to us for assistance, but without the community's help, we will have
to turn them away.  Tomchei Shabbat provides food vouchers for
these families prior to the Chagim and on an as-needed basis.

*For Israel tax deductions in NIS:*
Checks should be made out to  *Ohel Yonah Menachem*

*For US tax deductions and checks made out in USD.*
Checks should be made out to th *Central Israel Fund*

Checks can be dropped off at the Goldbergs, Asher 17, or pickup of
donations can be arranged.

Thank you again for your wonderful support,

Tomchei Shabbat
Tel 050-648-0011

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