[BS/RBS list] Women's massage that's MORE than just a Massage

Chava Bloom chava.achdut at gmail.com
Sun May 6 08:01:41 EDT 2018

Come for a massage that's more than just a physical massage!  A Heart Touch
Healing Massage uses techniques that will help to relax, harmonize and
balance not just your physical body, but your emotional state as well.

*Heart Touch Healing Massage
(*Since 1996 in the U.S. and Israel)

*Swedish Massage
*Craniosacral Therapy
*Healing Touch

Call or email to schedule an appointment: 052-899-1962 or
chava.achdut at gmail.com

Have a wonderful, healthy week!
Chava Bloom

P.S. My husband, Shaul MagicHands Bloom, is available for the men!  He
gives a wonderful massage. Please call him at  052-899-1963.

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