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Hair Color Services Explained!
One of the questions I get asked most often is what is the difference
between all these color services?
hopefully this post will shed some light on the matter.

I have 3 main haircolor services
1) Root Erase 50₪
2) Root touch up (single process or 1x) 140₪
3) All over color (AOC) 160₪

1)Root Erase: works for people who wear mitpachot, tichels, and falls
It covers just the roots of the front hairline where your hair would show
under your head covering (can also help women match their haircolor to
their fall color)

2)Root TouchUp/1x: for women who have been coloring their hair and don't
like seeing the white hairs growing in- covers roughly 2 fingers width of
the roots of the hair all over the head

3)All Over Color: for women who have never colored their hair or have let
years go by without coloring their hair... we can either use A)permanent
color to completely cover the greys and you'll come back every 4-6 weeks
for a root touch up or
B) Demi permanent color to blend the greys without darkening your natural
hair. It doesn't give a harsh growout line and the color fades completely
after 2-3 months (this is a great introductory haircoloring service for
people who've never colored their greys or women who want to go grey but
without the harsh growout line)

Hope this was informative and helpful!
Stay beautiful-
Shulie Nadav
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