[BS/RBS list] Need furniture, will trade desk

Yehuda Meir Lipson yehudameir.lipson at gmail.com
Fri May 4 06:11:07 EDT 2018

Looking to finish furnishing a 1-bdrm apt.
Does anyone have any of the following used items in decent condition that
they are giving away?
1) computer desk -- narrow, with at least a couple of shelves, a drawer
(optional) and room to put an inkjet printer;
2) bookcase, standard width and height (approx 3 meters), with several
adjustable shelves;
3) gas stove/oven, with at least two working burners, surface area approx
60cm X 60cm;
4) small dining table;
5) small 2-seater sofa, preferably with a pullout bed.
I would happily exchange, because I need the room, a wooden office desk in
excellent condition, surface area 140 cm X 80 cm. (Photo available on
Please email me off list, or call me at 052-694-8283. Thanks.
Yehuda Meir Lipson.

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