[BS/RBS list] Incredible Chinuch Class for Men by Rabbi Brezak!

Tova Stross tovastross at gmail.com
Wed May 2 15:58:01 EDT 2018

We only have one chance to mechanech our kids. Let's try our best to do it

New Chinuch Workshop for Men starting in RBS A!

Led by Rabbi Dov Brezak, popular and internationally renowned chinuch
expert, and author of the essential book “Chinuch in Turbulent Times”


Monday night workshop in RBS at 9pm at Kol Eliyahu
Trial Cost: 35 NIS/class
Monthly Cost: 140 NIS/ month

-- From the Beginning with "Getting Children to Comply and Cooperate"
-- New Topic: The Listening Child/ Fighting Child: What is in your home and
how do I deal with it?
-- NEW information, tools and techniques
-- NEW style of the workshops: Structure, Faster paced and still
opportunities to share your scenarios
-- Recording of classes available

Please be in touch with Ben Stross by email at benstross at gmail.com to
register and help spread the word!

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