[BS/RBS list] Stolen: Green Garbage pail

Israel Rubin israel at ibrubin.com
Thu May 3 05:02:22 EDT 2018

Last Sunday our garbage pail disappeared.  The big green exterior 
garbage pail was picked up as I was watching through the window. Its 
contents was emptied unto the sanitation truck and, apparently, was 
still hanging at the back old the garbage truck as it made kits turn 
into the next street.  I have  been calling every day to the Moked [ 
9909825] to request a replacement.  . Still no pail, despite promises 
that they would replace the missing pail.

I tried to reach Shaul Markson at 990-9726 without any luck.  Where are 
we supposed to put our garbage ? As a handicapped 86+ year old paying 
taxes and Arnona, schlepping the garbage half-way down the street to a 
cooperating neighbor is not a solution.

Any suggestions ?

Israel Rubin

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