[BS/RBS list] ISO visors with Velcro

‫TaniaRina Perry‬ ‫ taniarina.perry at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 06:39:03 EDT 2018

I am seeking exact locations for stores that sell basiccloth sun/rain visors - but I need the Velcro type due to myhead coverings.  

Anywherein Beit Shemesh is fine, but am requesting store names and/or street names(something like under Yesh in RBSb would be fine) as I am not familiar enoughwith "the mercaz" or "in old Beit Shemesh" to wander aroundasking in my pidgin Hebrew. FYI- I did not see any in the sporting goods stores in BIG Fashion recently. 

Thanksin advance

 TaniaRina Perry0549221747il.linkedin.com/in/taniarinaperrywww.meetup.com/JerusalemBNF

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