[BS/RBS list] a special mitzvah opportunity

Susan Barth simchagemach at gmail.com
Wed May 2 01:47:28 EDT 2018

You or someone you know has a unique opportunity to do a MItzvah for Zalmy

A beautiful neshamah - a 14 year old who was niftar and was the son of
extraordinary Chabad shaluchim Rabbi Avraham and Goldie Plotkin from Chabad
of Markham in Toronto. Rebbetzin Plotkin gave the Torah perspective at the
Knesset Nov 8 conference  organizedand sponsored by amuta B'Yachad
B'Osher/Together in Happiness and MK Yehuda Glick.
If you want any more specifics contact Susan Barth 0547294964

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