[BS/RBS list] Welcoming people for Sheinfeld shuls and Feigenson?

Buckman Family family at thebuckmans.com
Tue May 1 15:41:13 EDT 2018

I got no responses to my posting yesterday.  Are there not people in each neighborhood that help organize arrangements for potential new families?

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Subject: contacts for welcoming people?

A family from another city is interested in coming for a shabbat to look at Givat Sharett.  Ideally they’d like to see and get a feeling about all the different neighborhoods, for example, sleeping somewhere in the center, maariv and dinner in Sheinfeld, shacharit/musaf and lunch in Givat Savyon, afternoon and seudah shlishit in Nofei Aviv (or whatever order – it’s just an example).  Who are the contact people for the communities of the Sheinfeld shuls and Feigenson?  Can you please write me so I can pass on your contact info to the family?  With a little help on this end, they should be able to work out the details for themselves, as long as they have people they can contact.  Thank you. 

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