[BS/RBS list] Place Your Orders For Pesach Now

אריאל פיש arielfish8 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 16:13:06 EDT 2018

We are accepting orders for prepared food and catering for Pesach. All
ingredients are from the best mehadrin hechsherim. Everything is non
Gebrokts (gebrokts kitchen) and non kitniyos.
Kashering of the kitchen will be supervised by R Dovid Reichman of Bnei
Hayeshivos on Nachal Sorek. And although R Dovid Lewin in principle does
not give hechsherim for Pesach, we will be adhering to his standards that
he set up for all year. And any halachic issues will be discussed with him
or R Reichman. Please email for menus and more information.
arielfish8 at gmail.com
050 875 8425

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