[BS/RBS list] Parshat Shemos - Heichal Menachem Shul Timetable

Rabbi Farro rabbifarro at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 05:19:01 EST 2018

All welcome at Heichal Menachem - Chabad on Dolev, Dolev 10 for Shabbat

*Erev Shabbos*

Mincha – 1.30pm *PROMPT*

*Licht Bentchen – 4.26pm*

*Shiur 4.45pm and Kabbollas shabbos 5.10pm*

*Everyone is kindly requested to take home the various publications, Living
Jewish, Likras Shabbos  etc... to share with their family!*


Shiur - 8.30am

Shacharis – 9.30am

Followed immediately by Mincha

Ma'ariv 5.40 pm followed by Living Torah

*Have a wonderful Shabbos.*

With thanks and warm best wishes

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