[BS/RBS list] Rabbi Chaim Eisen's Moreh HaNevuchim chabura / shiur on Jewish philosophy

Yisroel (Michael) Olsberg molsberg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 02:58:35 EST 2018

The fortnightly Moreh HaNevuchim chabura led by Rabbi Chaim Eisen has
reached the end of Rambam's various introductions and is ready to start
Perek Alef of Chelek Alef  This would be a great time to join, if you
haven't already. Please contact me (molsberg at gmail.com) if you would like
to be added to the chabura contact list.

In order to give us time to advertise this more widely, the next session of
the chabura is scheduled for *Thurs, Jan 10* at 8pm at Menorat Hamaor, 6
Nachal Maor, RBSA. Please note that the chabura is conducted on the
assumption that participants have prepared beforehand. Let me know if you
would like information as to how get hold of a copy of the sefer.

*This week, on Thurs, Dec 27*, at 8pm at Menorat Hamaor, 6 Nachal Maor,
RBSA, Rabbi Eisen will be giving a source-based shiur on "*Reconnecting
with Classic Rabbinic Thought"*

The shiur is open to men and women and will be followed by maariv at 9pm.

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