[BS/RBS list] Rav-Kav - keep one for guests!

Sybil sybil665 at netvision.net.il
Mon Dec 24 12:45:35 EST 2018

If any future visitors are likely to travel by public transport in Israel,
you should get a Rav-Kav for them. Anyone can have as many anonymous Rav-Kav
smartcards as they like. Keep them for when your relatives and friends from
abroad descend on you and want to travel by bus or train.

Someone just asked me how to get to the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv by public
transport. Since Dan city buses in Tel Aviv are now Rav-Kav only (same as in
Jerusalem) and the Tel Aviv city buses operated by other companies will soon
follow suit, without a Rav-Kav you're stuck. 

Rav-Kav equals not only big savings, but also the basic ability to travel.

And of course it's not only for your overseas visitors... anyone who is ever
likely to use public transport should get a card. An anonymous card costs
NIS 5 (no name or photo, can be used by anyone).

Just one very basic example (fares given here are standard, seniors half
price): Beit Shemesh to Tel Aviv by bus NIS 16, one city ride - in principle
if you could still do it by cash, no transfers - NIS 5.90, train back from
Tel Aviv to Beit Shemesh NIS 19, bus from Beit Shemesh railway station back
to your house NIS 4 or thereabouts, total assuming two city buses in Tel
Aviv NIS 50.80. You can get an all-day ticket for Jerusalem + Gush Dan
(which includes Beit Shemesh) for NIS 32.50, but only with a Rav-Kav.


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