[BS/RBS list] Free Ad Sunday - let my daughter make your slide show while you focus on the simcha

Batya Shevach batyawrite at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 12:37:14 EST 2018

My daughter Tzipporah has made several slide shows and clips for our family
simchas, and they were highly professional. For a mere 200 NIS she will
take a song of up to 3.5 minutes, and up to 200 photos, and prepare a slide
show for you to show your guests. Birthday? Anniversary? Wedding? Bar or
Bat mitzvah?
For 150 NIS she can peice together parts of clips you already have into one
video of up to 3.5 minutes. You choose the song and the photos/videos. She
will put it all together while you spend your time getting the rest of the
simcha organized!Please allow at least a week before the simcha to prepare
the slideshow or clip.
Samples available upon request.
please write to bestgymgirl at gmail.com


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