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1 room 20 sqm+porch(!) on REvivim 1750 nis


1 room office REvivim 1000 nis


2 roooms on Kishon Lovely apt 2000 nis only!


2 rooms fully furnished on Kishon  30 sqm gorgeous 2200 nis


2 rooms +porch! above yesh, 2 bathrooms, mamad, 30 sqm 2600 nis


2 rooms on Uriya fully furnished 2200 nis


2 rooms on Lachish 35 sqm 2490 nis


2 rooms+garden on Uriya spacious 2600 nis


3 rooms small apt on Kishon (basement style) 2400 nis


2.5 rooms on Mishkafaim 45 sqm 3200 nis


NEW! 3 rooms on Lachish beautiful and new 3100 nis+porch


3 rooms on Sorek 4th fl elevator 60 sqm 3200 nis


3 rooms on Urya beautiful and new+porch and views 3400 nis available


3 rooms beautiful apt on Kishon beautifully designed and kept kept 2 porch
and views 4000 nis


4 rooms on Nachshon great apt (3rd fl no elev) view and air large living
room and bedrooms avaiallbe Dec 12th 4000 nis only( 


4 rooms Kishon 2nd fl elevator avail Febr 4000 nis


4 rooms on Dolev great location and view nice size kitchen, bedrooms and
poorch, 4th fl elevator 4500 nis


4 rooms on Sorek, invested 4500 nis 2nd fl available in 2 weeks


4 rooms Sorek 2 full bathrooms, view 4000 nis


4 room on Lachish duplex avaiallbe January 1st 4500 nis


5 rooms on MISHKAFAIM BRAND NEW APT very upgraded huge 97 sqm porch GROUND
fl (no steps) access! 5700 nis avaiallbe immediately


5 rooms duplex on mishkafaim beautiful apt large living room, garden 6500


NEW! 5 room apt on Shacham, spacious, 1st fl 5600 nis


NEW! 5 room duplex on Chever, large machsan studio, parking spot, 2 porches
6000 nis


NEW! 5 room gorgeous penthouse on Ramat shilo 7700 nis


7 rooms duplex 180 sqm+ huge garden on Dolev 8000 nis


7 room cottage on Luz private entrance, large garden, view 7500 nis


7 room Sun Valley cottage 7400 nis (3 floors only +parking spot)


9 room Sun Valley cottage 8400 nis



2 room large apt on Chavakuk, 50 sqm 2700 nis


3 rooms on Yechezkel 2nd fl, large porch gorgeous and upgraded 3600 nis


NEW! 3.5 room on Chavakuk, ground fl no stairs 4000 bus large porch avail


4 rooms on Yishayahu (close to bridge to Aleph) beautiful apt 3rd fl
elevator 3800 nis


5 rooms Moshe rabenu 4700 nis


5 room cottage Neriya 5200 nis


5 room large garden on Nachum private entranced 5200 nis


6 room opn Achi avery spacious apt 1st fl huge living room and kitchen 5000
nis only!


5 room duplex on Yechezkel 5000 nis


6 rooms duplex with garden on Yechezkel 180 sqm 6200 nis


7 room duplex on Yona 6000 nis


9 room Villa Chavakuk  300 sqm 9000 nis


RBS Gimmel 2


3.5 rooms on Miryam Hanevia 3200 nis


4 room on Ovadia 2nd fl lovely apt only 3300 nis


4 rooms very beautful apt on Miryam HAnevia 3300 nis


6 rooms duplex on Ovadia gorgeous duplex only 4000 nis! Available


7 room duplex on Miryam Hanevia very spacious 180 sqwm 5500 nis


NEW! 7 room triplexes on Devota hanevia gorgeous apts! 200 sqm 6000-6500 nis
very upgraded beautiful kitchens! Huge salon! Avail in one month




For more apts please call oir visit website (Rentbetshemesh.com)



S. Shahrabani

Achuzat Ha'Aretz Realty

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Cell Phone (preferable): 0523-621174

Home/office: 02-9999503

WebSite: http://en.RentBetShemesh.com <http://en.rentbetshemesh.com/> 

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