[BS/RBS list] Husband betrayed her...

Malka Wolf creativecorners2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 05:03:57 EST 2018

Dina* moved to Bet Shemesh with her family and is left financially stranded
after her husband betrayed them terribly.  For the safety of her family and
her community, her husband had to leave.
Emotionally, Dina is relieved that he left.  But financially...  Her rent
is due tomorrow.  Dina is such a darling and caring person.  We can't bear
to see her suffer more than she already did!!!  Can you help?  Even a
little something?
(*not her real name)
Call C. Mandel for verification and donations.  She'll come pick up the
money - she needs it TODAY.
Thank you and may you always be on the giving end.

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