[BS/RBS list] F/S: Neocate Advance hypoallergenic infant formula

Avivah Werner avivahwerner at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 17 15:30:07 EST 2018

Neocate Advance - amino acid based, hypoallergenic formula - suitable for infants over age 12 months allergic to dairy, soy or with multiple food protein allergies.
After my son was medically approved for this formula, we found out he unfortunately he wasn't responding well even to this. We paid 129 for each box; asking 100 shekels a box. If you're interested in more than five boxes, we would be willing to drop the price further.

If your child is sensitive to regular formulas, this is an amazing price for this expensive specialty formula!
Avivah Werner - 053-223-1872

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