[BS/RBS list] Winter is here... need last minute American clothes.. with optional free delivery

aliza schwartz alizaschwartz at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 16 13:19:18 EST 2018

Need warm clothes?....from AMERICA ?


AMERI$KANA.  I offer a free personal shopping and delivery service of brand New & like new clothes for the whole family 

I carry many companies and brand names like Macy's, gap, Junee, mei moi , levante, old navy, George, Cherokee, faded glory, Calvin Klein, children's place, Carter's, Oshkosh & more....

I sell the following categories of clothes 

**ladies tops, dresses, skirts     -prices between 49 and 289 (a few select brand name dresses are that high)

**girls shabbos and weekday  -priece betweem 25 & 179 shekel

**boys suits, pants,  shirts, sweaters, vests...both Shabbos and weekday- priced between 29 & 199 shekel 

**Coats &hats- priced between 10 & 249 shekel 

**baby clothes priced between 10 & 139 shekel 

**pajamas & robes priced between 35 & 169 shekel 

**school uniform pleated skirts, navy sweaters and button down blouses -priced between 39 & 119 shekel 

**socks, tights, shoes, bandanas, hats, snoods, underwear, hair accessories & more - priced between 5 & 79 shekel 

If you are interested in having a selection of clothes in your kids sizes brought to your home then continue reading. 

Here is how it works 

1. Call or email me at 050 5990565 or alizaschwartz at yahoo.com or look at my Facebook page AMERIKANA

2. Tell me the ages and genders of who would like to see clothes for and the types of clothes you are looking for 

3. I can email you samples of pictures and prices of what I carry so you can see if it's something you're interested in. I have thousands of styles and kinds of clothes. I am basically like 20 stores in one-  1 STOP SHOP 

4. If you like what you see I can pack up a selection of the size and type of clothes you want  (more choices then the pictures i send)  to see

5. I goto your house and bring you the duffle bags with all the clothes prices and sorted according to size and caragory. You can either    a) shop on the spot and I can help you go through the clothes 

            😎 I can leave the bags and I can come back after your finished about an hour or so is what I usually give 

           C) i can leave the bags at your house to shop and try on at your leisure and come back to pick it up the next day or 2.

6. You have no obligation to buy ...  If you find clothes you are interested in purchasing then keep a list for me of the items and prices you want and either you can write a check  (may be multiple checks and can be post dated) or cash when I come pick up the clothes 

7. If you're happy with your experience please tell your friends and call again!

Aliza Schwartz 

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