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Due to the cold weather, Micha'el Malka reminded me to check to make sure the AC system is working and to activate the boiler time switch early morning, do 2 or 3 clicks, as the solar heat has not enough sun to heat up the water for morning showers! 
Many fires, like the one that happened yesterday at the Chester Zoo in the UK, are caused by electrical faults.Micha'el also told me that a freezer caught fire recently in Bet Shemesh due to an electrical fault. Fortunately it didn't spread.
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15th Nov 1018-Another fire broke out early this morning in an apartment building in Bet Shemesh. So far 16 people were hospitalised suffering from smoke inhalation, including children.

Fires have been caused mainly by electrical faults. We highly recommend Micha'el Malka who fixed a problem when we had a recurrent power cut which eventually happened on a ShabbatMicha'el checked our electric box and found a fault in the wires. He advised us to have it looked at once a year!
These faults can be caused by wear and tear, earthquakes, thunder and even passing traffic! 
Call Micha'el, or your licenced electrician.

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