[BS/RBS list] Speech, OT and PT services for kids at Paamonim has openings!

Shoshana Goldwag Weiner shosh2424 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 04:09:18 EST 2018

You dont have to wait long lines at the kupa!
Mercaz Paamonim offers tipulim in  OT, PT and ST and tipulim rigshiim.
They accept Meuchedet and Clallit insurance and have short waiting
lists. (or hechzer from leumit and macabi)
Therapists speak English, Hebrew and/or Yiddish.
They are located in Yefei Nof, in Beit Shemesh, right off the 10
highway-Its only ten minutes away by car and 15 minutes from RBSA on the 19
bus, or the 11 or 12 bus).
They can be contacted at (02) 650 0502

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