[BS/RBS list] *CORRECTION*- FOR THE 8PM SHOWS ONLY- THANKS.Zir Chemed/Regal show(Heidi) ANYONE DRIVING WITH SPACE on the 30 of December or 13 January that has room for between 1-4 people please let me know ASAP. (There and back). (from RBSG OR EVEN RBSA). Alternatively see below (Hassaah).

y c raffles ycnraffles at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 13:13:43 EST 2018

For the night shows

Please let me know.

Alternatively if we get the right amount of people we can make a hasaah.
Any cancellations the week of or on the day will require you to pay for
your spot. (for the hassaah if we get enough people- (probably from RBSG
and a stop in RBSA)). HASSAAH IS FOR THE 30 OF DECEMBER or 13 January
depending on demand.

Thank you
Kol Tuv

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