[BS/RBS list] Waiting to Tofes 4? Order Soragim as a group and save!

ShemeshPhone Directory sales at shemesh.co.il
Tue Dec 11 01:59:38 EST 2018

MTK 8/12

Are you waiting to for Tofes 4?  Now is the time to order your soragim and
keep your family safe.

Unfortunately, break ins are not uncommon.  Thieves are known to look for
the easiest point of entry. Deter them from entering your home with
quality, aesthetically pleasing, strong security bars from Zakon Metal

Zakon Metal Works stands behind their work with a real guarantee. They
understand customer service, speak English and will patiently work with you
to find the design and style that best suits your needs.

Order now and receive 10% off your order.
Keep you new building looking great with a unified design of Soragim from
Zakon Metal Works and save even more.

Lots of satisfied customers.  Please ask for references.

See: http://bit.ly/2Nkx4zi for more details and photos.


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