[BS/RBS list] Thank you to the community

Lisa K bcsmzk at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 10 14:38:48 EST 2018

To the community of Nofei Aviv and greater Beit Shemesh, 

Thank you with all of my heart for your outpouring of support,caring and kindness upon the recent passing of my mother, Judith. Your calls,messages, emails, and visits were much appreciated, as was the food you broughtover (especially considering my family’s atypical eating habits). For those of youwho were intrepid enough to attend the funeral that took place very late on avery short and rainy Friday, thank you. (To all who were confused because the funeralarrangements were changed three times, apologies, and again, I appreciate thatyou wished to be there.)

I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a warm and caringcommunity and hope to share b’smachot in the future. 


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