[BS/RBS list] Freelance Digital Media Creator seeking clients

Gila Halpern gila.halpern at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 15:03:26 EST 2018

Are you seeking a free-lancer to build or manage your website?

Are you looking for someone to make marketing materials? Do you need a logo
to grab potential clients' attention?

Do you need someone who can make your promotional videos exciting and

Well, look no further! Gila Halpern can meet all of your needs, and she
works locally, in case you need her available for face-to-face meetings.
She has five years of experience in web development, video editing, and
graphic art, with degrees in Computer Science and Digital Art.

Prices are negotiable depending on the type of work, and whether the
projects are ongoing.

Email: gila.halpern at gmail.com

Local small business

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