[BS/RBS list] Personal Workshops for Women|The Bravery of the Maccabim and The Many Ways We Are Brave Every Day

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Sun Dec 9 12:00:22 EST 2018

Ladies, this Chanukah I've been thinking about the Macabbim and what being
brave encompasses. We all know that the Maccabim were brave - they were the
few fighting a war against the many.

David was also brave when he slew the giant, Goliath, using only a sling

Policemen are brave... firefighters are brave...our chayalim are brave...

Our go to when we think of brave is usually physical heroism. It's
reasonable then, that if you are afraid to do something like that, you
might think you are not brave.

Brave really comes in all sorts of shapes and colors. Bravery is when we do
something that puts us in a  vulnerable position, where we take a risk
amidst uncertainty, without knowing what the outcome will be.

Emotionally bravery, when we are emotionally exposed, can be when you open
up to someone about something personal and not knowing how they will react,
or speaking up for ourselves and asserting our boundaries even if the other
person may not like it, or leaving the comfort of a place we know well and
begin a different chapter in our lives.

Making aliyah is brave.

Bravery can be a show of moral courage and strength of character when we
stand up for what we believe is correct but may be unpopular, especially
when we are the only one.

There are so many different ways that each of us are individually and
uniquely brave in big and little ways.

If we are not brave, if we don't take chances for things that are important
to us, despite our fears, then either nothing will change or what happens
to us will be decided by others. However, bravery does not mean being
reckless. Bravery is when we have carefully considered what we are about to
do and do it despite feeling vulnerable.


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Chag Sameach

*CARYN LlPSON**Local small business*

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