[BS/RBS list] Fw: REFLEXOLOGY has became a need for most women.

Tzivia Posner tzivip at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 9 06:45:03 EST 2018


Subject:Reflexology for women
 Full relaxation with REFLEXOLOGY is known for stabilizing the digestive system, for correcting hormonal imbalance, for relieving orthopedic pain, and for releasing trapped stress.

REFLEXOLOGY also helps to reduce tension and discomfort. and bring a person back into balanceso that the body can heal itself.   This includes pain relief through head and shoulder massage.
In a new, aesthetic and soothing environment.
Convenient hours and a choice of no talking. 
If you are a reflexilogys and want to rent a room call 02 6226818
Call : 050  6000 719
Tzivia Ben David

Small local business

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