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Yocheved Liat Herzfeld doula.yocheved at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 17:26:57 EST 2018

Be sha'a tova!
My name is Yocheved Herzfeld, I am mother of 5 and I am available to
accompany you to the most precious moments in life-

the birth of your precious baby!
I am an experienced Doula, with alot of recommendations to offer you.
My service includes before and after birth support, guidance towards your
upcoming birth and babymassage, nursing support and pelvic floor excercises
after birth.

Did you ever feel early contractions?

Did you ever feel pain in your side, back or belly during pregnancy?

Are your labors long or complicated?

If you could answer at least one of those questions with YES,


Experience shows, that many many Babys are stuck with the umbilical cord,
which leads to pain during pregnancy and complications at birth.

YOU can change Babys position!

- how you can influence Babys position and

- what you can do in order to help your precious Baby to get to this world
as smooth as possible !

- breathing techniques, that really make a difference!

- positions and exercises for a healthier and quicker birth

- to connect with your Baby, as well after birth through Baby-massage and

- everything about nutrition and nursing

And gain:

- hours of comfort and support

- confidence in your abilities and your task as a mother

- a birth experience with memories you’ll want to remember

- 24/7 postnatal support! Because as a Doula, my job continues after birth-
you are not alone!

For consultation please be in touch!
I am looking forward to help you!

Yocheved Herzfeld –certified in “Marilus”, the Swiss Method-

IMA Centre

Imparting Mothers Abilities

053 312 97 44

Hebrew, English and German speaking

Local resident

small local business

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