[BS/RBS list] Elior Babian is Champion of Champions in Bible Quiz!!

Ruth posnruth at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 04:56:59 EST 2018

Elior Babian, who shared 1st place in the International Bible quiz over 5
years ago, who often comes to our shul, as a baal musaf and baal koreh,
yesterday (Thursday) became a champion of champions at a Bible quiz of all
times, with people of all ages!
One of his opponents is a Bible quiz winner for adults, also from BS.
Elior was one of Aliza Bloch's campaign supervisors in the election, and
she speaks very highly of him. Dr Bloch is due to visit our shul this
evening at an Oneg Shabbat.

This event makes Elior the biggest Bible expert in Israel!
Read about the quiz -copy and search: אליאור בביאן מבית שמש הוא חתן התנ"ך


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