[BS/RBS list] Can you do a chesed in Malha Mall?

Adina & Charles Rosenstein cr1818 at netvision.net.il
Fri Dec 7 00:09:25 EST 2018

Hi, all,

A store on the first level where  Yaynot Bitan is located is holding a very small item for me. If you could possibly pick it up for me, I would be very appreciative.

BTW-they did a very big shiputz in Yaynot Bitan there. It looks like an upscale  supermarket in Chul now.  A totally different supermarket than our Yaynot Bitan. 

Please call me or wassup me or email me at adinakr at gmail.com

Thanks so much in advance,

Chanukah Sameach and Shabbat Shalom,



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