[BS/RBS list] Hanuka Inspiration - Help or be helped by other English speakers FREE

ester lewin estylewin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 02:51:20 EST 2018

JOIN NOW!!  + forward this message to your English speaking contacts!!

Our goal: Due to the fact that life in Israel can turn challenging at
times, one can wonder to whom they can turn and seek advice, fortunately
many have been through similar situations and now possess the correct
information so together we unite onto one big platform to stand by each
others side and help...מי כעמך ישראל.

What can be posted: Any questions,answers or information that could assist
you or others can be posted to the group.

We are also happy for people to use this service as a tool to enhance the
quality of life on a wider spectrum this includes the option to enquire or
inform about material relating to: job vacancies, gemachs, chessed
opportunities, medical, apartments available for sale, rent or to be used
free of charge, the announcement of simchas or any other product or service
that could assist you or others.

Send 'YES' to: thechulentmix at gmail.com

(or via our website: https://inmirey.wixsite.com/thechulentmix)

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