[BS/RBS list] Chanuka 2018 in Beit Shemesh - The Official List

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Sun Dec 2 07:13:20 EST 2018

Great things are happening in Beit Shemesh this Chanuka!
Find out here about everything going on for adults, teenagers, and children
in and around Beit Shemesh.

Dec 3: Communal Candle Lighting at Matnas Gvanim
Dec 3: "Together Walking with Jewery" A 'In the spirit of Macy’s
Thanksgiving Parade'
Dec 4: Chanukef at Shaar Hair
Dec 4: Aliya Day celebration! Featuring Yonatan Razel
Dec 4: Become a Graffiti Artist for Day
Dec 5: Street Theater at Matnas Meyerhoff
Dec 5: Movie Night: Sruchim
Dec 6: The Dream Machine, a children's play
Dec 6: Movie Night: The Unofficial
Dec 6: Lior Manor the Mentalist
Dec 6: Evyatar Banai in Concert
Dec 6: Street Fair for the Whole Family


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